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Quality Control of cereals and pulses - Practical guide

  • Auteur(s) : ARVALIS - Institut du végétal
  • Référence : 6180
  • ISBN : 2-86492-618-0
  • Date : 30/11/2004
  • Nombre de pages : 268
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Practical guide, concrete and easy of access containing a plentiful illustration of the materials and the techniques of sampling, methods of search for the impurities, the tests of appreciation of the quality and the main commercial contracts.
The book is divided into 5 parts.
>Part I deals with the general concept of sampling. Here, the necessary theoretical bases and practical aspects to obtain a representative sample are presented.
>Part II develops laboratory auto-control. The aim of these auto-controls is to ensure a permanent watch on test results. Indeed, routine tests are subject to different errors, either accidental or systematic.
>Part III covers the main impurities of cereals and pulses. Techniques for recognizing, identifying, analyzing and grading them are fully described and illustrated.
>Part IV describes some commonly performed analyses of cereals and pulses relying largely on international standards.
>Part V deals with contracts, regulations and technical specifications.
This book is in a great extent a translation into english of the french version published in 2001by ITCF in collaboration with AGPM Technique, FFCAT, FNA, ONIC and UNIP.

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